Adam’s curse for his rebellion. Sweat. Adversity. Hard work. Discomfort. Adversity.

And then along comes Paul’s thorn in the flesh (2 Corinthians 12).

Was it some physical affliction? Eye disease? Speech impediment? Or was it persecution, difficult environments, slander, a tormenting spirit of unbelief?

He said that he prayed thrice that it might be removed. God’s answer “My grace is sufficient”.

And here is where the fun begins. Word of faith teachers like Kenneth Copeland would say that if the grace is “sufficient” then it must include favour, prosperity and wellness. Can you see the ear-tickling going on?

God’s grace doesn’t stop at first base folks. The Home Run is in Glory with the most good accomplished for His entire flock. This entails suffering and submission, as well as signs and wonders.

Jesus wore a crown of thorns while stumbling along the Via Dolorosa. His servants cannot expect exemption. We go to the Bank much later, and then eternally.


One thought on “Thorn

  1. “If only my Angel
    would consent to marry me

    On wings and prayers
    She had carried me

    In my time of despair
    She pointed up to the Heavenlies

    The merest of reluctant glances
    became a fixed stare” A.G.

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