Preach The Original Gospel – Reinhard Bonnke

“When we preach the Word of God the tide comes in”
“If you want to catch fish, don’t throw the net into the bathtub”R.B.


7 thoughts on “Preach The Original Gospel – Reinhard Bonnke

  1. Now we’re talkin’. Bonnke is one of the most convincing and assertive messengers of the Gospel in power known to me. Wherever he goes he makes Jesus Christ “an issue”.
    “Africa shall be saved.”..Doug

  2. So powerful on so many levels, too much to take in by one listening. Needed to hear it several times…and I know I will return to listen more times…excellent! A.G.

  3. In my present fray I have digested this wonderful sermon bit-by-bit. This man started out in Africa riding on a bicycle, hot village to hot village, with a fire in his heart and a lion-like shout of “Glory” in his chest. Millions at a time now listen to this ambassador of reconciliation. Sinners weep for the transition. Sick ones rise up with new limbs and eyes. Idolators burn their black arts. Thieves return their merchandise. Jesus becomes the ubiquitous topic of conversation, wonder and hope. The Friend who sticks closer than a brother. Amazed candidates speak with other tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance. It is God. It is God. And a yielded Teutonic vessel who watches for the tide and employs its Power. No time for tea parties or bowling nights. No time for comfortable lectures on life-style or financial strategy…Doug

  4. Truth be told, this was at the top of my subscription feed on my you tube channel. I don’t believe in chance nor coincidence.
    Not to be confused with conscious, “presence of mind” but Presents presented clearly to find. A.G.

  5. Back in about 1985 I attended a three-day meeting featuring Evangelist Reinhart Bonnke at Cobo Hall, Detroit. Early in one of his messages the sound system acted up with irritating buzzing. He tried to get through patiently while technicians scurried. At last he stopped and asked the assembly to pray with him. That lion’s voice pleaded for the help of God and rebuked the devil and this interference. The buzzing stopped completely. One could hear the incredulous murmering of the crowd. ‘It stopped, it really stopped’, they whispered. The evangelist could sense it, and his face registered deep disappointment.

    Here was a man who let prayer arrows fly in Africa against thunder storms, wind storms, crazed shamans and violent tribal agitators. And God would answer. But Detroit hardly had the ammo to come against an amplifier or two.

    That City has a great Gospel media machine. It has had to go through immense financial setback. But back then it was fat and self-satisfied, churches included.

    I sense that even then Bonnke knew the antidote…much suffering, much pleading, much waiting, much anointing, much authority. This is proving to be Africa’s path to spiritual power and deliverance.

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