Place of Intercession

“I haven’t got the purchase
I haven’t got the feel
To understand the conflict
The facts that make you reel.
And though you spell it out Friend
You really waste your time
It doesn’t touch my heart
Like pains that I call mine.
It’s awkward surely standing
With nothing wise to say
Would prob’ly only hurt you
And so I stay away.
And your religious fervor
No doubt has brought this on
For folks don’t cotton to it
Just wish that you were gone.
So now if you’ll excuse me
I’ve other stuff to do.
Cheer up, the morning’s coming.
Somehow you’ll pull right through.”

Friends, has this happened to you when your guts are on the floor, and you simply want someone real to say “Geeze that sounds really bad. I’ll stay here for a while, but I don’t have much to say.”

In some dark places the Lord allows others to be entirely useless. He is a jealous Master and Elder Brother. (Psalm 50 and Psalm 107)

Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON


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