A Psalm of “Now”-O.E.W.


My Son, I have tears for you, that have yet to fall.

I am the eyes of the donkey and eagle, observing all.

I have not forgotten nor forsaken you, My “Word” I give to you.
There is a cry I hear among many, and a call that goes out to few.
Rest assured, My tears are a deluge restrained,

I cannot…

will not…

loose again.

My stripes,
my colors,
in arched bow,
will shield you.
Soothe and comfort the weariness in your gaze,
for all of your days,
till I send for you.

Anthony Gomez, Moncks Corner, S.C.


5 thoughts on “A Psalm of “Now”-O.E.W.

  1. So beautiful Doug … like being wrapped in His comforting arms.

  2. I apologize for the confusion I cause by not putting my name to the work I submit. it is not done intentionally, I often forget. but Doug inspires me greatly, so usually I don’t bother to take credit, that is not important to me…if someone reads and enjoys, that means everything and I hope it is pleasing to The Lord. A.G.

  3. Prophecy can be the forth-telling of God’s word and wisdom toward a situation being faced in the flock. It is not vain or presumptuous to speak it out in the love of the Spirit. It may in fact short-cut a lot of wasted adrenaline and wonderings through the brambles. The one speaking it out probably had to struggle first through those brambles. Let us not be apologetic when the Spirit urges. No time for that. But first it would take the time for trust-growing between the parties. Ain’t that right AG?

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