Losers …Losers All…

good samaritan

Anthony and I started this collaborative effort last September. We had come to know each other a little bit with our writings on another site. We didn’t always agree and we weren’t always civil with each other. Nope.

The thing started to pick up momentum right about the time AG had heart complications and major surgery. Take a well-travelled trucker, put him on his back with illness and see what transpires?

Christmas season found AG pretty much alone, as his mate Jody was compelled to go out of state to visit her Mother after a considerable gap in their getting together. No problem, Anthony got busy on the Web and our exchanges became very frequent. This is evident at http://twelfthmonth.wordpress.com/

The relationship became much richer for us as we learned of the healthy fare available to men who will simply drop the charade and get honest and transparent and supportive.

Now I find myself alone for a period as my wife Hilary undergoes psychiatric care. I have every confidence that treatment arrangements will improve and that all parties might learn from some shortcomings of the past, professionals included. Hilary will be home, and not too long from now. This is the fourth major episode in the last 13 years. Here in Waterloo the few men in my circle find it difficult to approach my “thrashings”.

I can remember visiting her at the dreadful time of 9/11 and the Twin Tower bombings. She was pretty much isolated from world events in an environment of confused, misunderstood and lonely people. Some proved to be honest-to-goodness caring friends of the time. As I related the phenomenal television images to her, I wondered where the “crazies” really were? On the outside? On the inside? Could I really believe my own eyes and ears as people jumped to their deaths before their fellow New Yorkers? As passengers made bold moves, unsuccessfully, for their freedom in the skies over Pennsylvania?

And this time in my passing perplexity, Anthony has been there for me. Selecting hope and encouragement; speaking and writing words of brotherly kindness and God-honouring submission. That is the service of real men. That is winning in ways never to be lost. And we are given in our pains a place of intercession, resembling in small ways the power and the comfort of the Man of Sorrows and Friend of Sinners. And a hurting world waits for some soothing balm.

Love you Bro’.


2 thoughts on “Losers …Losers All…

  1. My Son, I have tears for you, that have yet to fall. I am the eyes of the donkey and eagle, observing all. I have not forgotten nor forsaken you, My “Word” I give to you.
    There is a cry I hear among many, and a call that goes out to few.
    Rest assured, My tears are a deluge, I cannot will not loose again.
    My stripes,
    my colors,
    in arches,
    will shield you.
    And comfort the weariness in your gaze,
    for all of your days,
    till I send for you.

  2. “Here in Waterloo the few men in my circle find it difficult to approach my thrashings”.

    i have returned many times to read this Douglas and now I know why. I couldn’t understand why it registered with me. One day about 29 years ago, I was going out for a short fishing trip on my boat, as I turned out of a small inlet and into the main channel (Reynold’s channel), I was passing below the Atlantic beach bridge heading out towards open sea. In the distance near a pier I saw an inner tube with one little girl sitting on it screaming (I thought playfully) and another was “thrashing” wildly in the water beside her, they had drifted away from the safety of the shore and into the swift current of the channel. I thought they were at play but in drawing nearer I saw the proverbial third sign as the girl’s hand slowly slipped below the surface. I gunned the engine in a bee-line beside where she went under, cut the engine off, literally reached down as far as I could into the fading circular ripple in the water and fetched her out…sputtering and coughing. I noticed a man who was waving frantically at me by the dock/pier, I picked up the other girl and brought them to the man. I can’t describe the tears, looks of gratitude…I brushed them aside quickly as I could, else be completely over-whelmed by it all. My best guess is that the little girl would be about 40-42 now, my beloved Jody is 40. “Hero?”…Jesus is the HERO always in all things! How did I know that so many years ago and still so far away from awakening? I caught many fish that day and shared the bounty of HIS provision…even now my friend. It is no coincidence, that you have been used to jar this memory out from hiding.
    We find it difficult to approach such “thrashings”, why do we interpret them as some sort of threat or worse as if we risk being pulled in and drowning as well, like some sort of contagion? When one resolves to pull in Faith The Lord will take care of the resistance…just keep on pulling, Amen?! “Christian” by what “title?” The “good samaritan” was no Christian nor Jew and yet..? Yet??? Less thinking and more LOVE in action, if you are in it…then it must be for a reason and we don’t need to know “the reason!” Just trust. I didn’t know if I was retrieving a dead body from the water or a live one…only that I had to try! Service without question in obedience, all is in the Father’s hands, Amen?!
    I will be very blunt in this statement now, whoever turns his back on a Brother or Sister in need has no part in Christ whatsoever. “Love thy neighbor as thyself” “…Am I my brother’s keeper?” Yes. Yes. Amen and amen.
    Happy Easter!
    Love…Anthony Gomez.

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