4 thoughts on “Eggs-a-Plenty

  1. Excellent Doug, so well written and meaning filled!
    i wish everyone would read this. A.G.

  2. This morning I was raking the front lawn. Neighbourhood kids were racing around on their bikes. They seemed to move in closer as I bent over to pick up the piled sticks and dried leaves and maple keys. “Do you know what today is?” Yes, it’s Good Friday. “Well what happened in the story?” Jesus went to hang on the Cross. “And what does that mean?”

    We went on for about two minutes, and the basics of prophesied resurrection were revealed (Psalm 16). The girls took notice. Their eyes were fixed on mine. Even the sparkling East Indian child.

    I summarized: “So Death is no longer the Big Boss. Life is now the Big Boss. And the thanks go to Jesus.” I waved and they responded as I drove away. Now wasn’t that an easy and ordained interlude?

    Truly the human heart wants to know that this is reality; that Death is not the Champion (Hebrews 2: 14, 15)

    Cheers to you AG. The process with Hilary in hospital moves FORWARD…Doug

  3. Hey bro’, you know “it ain’t about the size of the dog in the fight, but about the fight in the dog!” A.G.

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