If Ever Spurgeon Were Baffled…


psalm 42: 7

It is a very great mystery that God permits the ungodly to go on as they do. Walk down some of our streets at night, if you dare, and mark what you see. You inward- ly exclaim, “I wonder why God permits it; here is a reeking Sodom in the heart of a so-called Christian city.” Step into some of the dens of infamy, and you will feel, “God could, if He would, suppress this in a minute—why doesn’t He?” Listen for a moment to the talk of blasphemers—what atrocious insults they perpetrate upon the Majesty of Heaven; they go out of their way to imprecate curses upon them- selves, their limbs, their eyes, their souls. What are they doing? If they will not obey God, could they not at least leave Him alone, and not insult Him to His face? We have heard in these days…

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