Today’s Slant

Here’s how I am feeling about the posting process these days. I sent this to Bill over at Unshakable Hope. The man is an inspiration. I intend to treat him as if there is absolutely no personal handicap. His brilliance is often the brilliance of Christ through yet another vessel of clay.

My remark was as follows:

Bill you are part of the reason I blog. Someone who keeps an open ear for additional insight; who remains teachable. That is not to say that I see myself as “teacher” and the readers as “pupils”. I have often said to Anthony Gomez (Salvoes in Faith) that we are all fellow travelers exploring a beach and discovering, quite by Providence, beautiful seashells. We share this interest and delight and the gracious Lord feeds such hunger and curiosity. “Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.” Today I discover; tomorrow it’s you.

One other comment. Perhaps you feel a compunction to reply to every comment. Don’t do this. It may become banter. Singing to the choir. Better you pour your time and remarkable technology into another hum-dinger of a message…or just simply how you are feeling as one of the members of today’s flock…Doug

Anthony knows something about my change in momentum in blogging. I am under no tight time-table. It is very possible to go on long after the speaker has finished his message. That becomes only an insult to the listeners.

Has there been a lot of production over the past 5 years? Yep.

Four blogs on Wordsmith. Three on BlogSpot. Two sites on Google. One Channel on You Tube. Two Facebook accounts. Participation on three poetry forums. Over seventy-five faith booklets at

I have said it folks. I have nailed my position in Christ soundly to the wall. I will not sing to the choir anymore. If blogging cannot be proved to be a mighty instrument of testimony to the un-saved, then I am moving on to something else with a creative and spiritual legacy well recorded.

And how much of this has really been for me, anyway? Every blogger seeking to walk as Jesus walked must ask such nasty questions..Doug


9 thoughts on “Today’s Slant

  1. Douglas Blair, I truly love you and I am so very grateful to The Lord for the rich friendship, he has shown us can be had by two very different people who seemed to always butt heads and whose life/faith walks could not be more different. It has been an honor and humbling privilege to butt heads with you, something has rubbed off. Cannot recall anyone else who has challenged me to grow as you have to the same degree in so short a time. I am so pleased you returned my call back in September and where was I?
    Not the least concerned with impending open-heart surgery but thrilled to hear from a newfound friend…impeccable timing and of course you had no idea. Jesus knew:)
    Whatever you decide Bro’…I’m in support and you and yours are permanently in my prayers!
    Anthony Gomez

  2. I don’t question The Lord’s leading in my life Doug and this includes in Blogging, I Post and comment as He leads and empowers me, I think you said the same to me and it was the reason you don’t Blog as others do.

    When people choose to ignore God’s Truth that I share or criticize that I comment or the way I comment, that is their choice and they will be accountable for anything done and said from an unloving heart focus. Faith is all about Love for God and others, not ourselves except that which comes from Jesus living in us, He knows our worth and reassures us we are His priceless treasure, He Loved us first and what He calls good we do not discredit, our Love for ourselves is not fleshy or worldly but in recognizing who we are in Christ Jesus.

    I believe that Encouraging others is very important and also correcting in Love and for Love if needed and I will continue to comment or not comment the way The Holy Spirit prompts me to do so. Fleshy man likes to dominate with man made rules and regulations, God leads us Lovingly with guidelines that bring wholeness or completeness.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

  3. doug blair says:

    And you’re directing these comments to me, Anne?

  4. Don’t go to far away Doug … you will be missed. I thank the Lord for the writings laid bare upon your heart.

  5. It is to anyone Doug who thinks it is unimportant to consider others when they are Blogging, such as not replying to their comments, for whatever reason they have, apart from being self centered, it is rude and you can be sure I have seen a lot of Blogs die because of doing this, perhaps those who comment are short and sweet but no one likes to be ignored, God does not ignore us and nor should we do this to others, they should be our priority not us. I suggest you start singing if you intend to continue to Blog, it’s not just about you!

    You could say Doug this has been a nasty answer to your nasty question in your Post.

    Blessings – Anne

  6. doug blair says:

    With your initiatives well in place, Anne, the Christian blogosphere becomes like many limping churches of our day…a mutual admiration society with a reluctance to “Go” (out there) in compliance with the Great Commission. Now I am not pointing this finger at you because I have so few facts. And concerning my case, you also have so few facts. Wander through some more of the materials. My focal blog opens up other links

  7. “Today’s slant,” is “NOW” yesterday’s slant. LEAVE IT THERE! This is the day The Lord has made…
    And this is a blog of a combined effort belonging to none of us.

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