Colton is Cool About It


Four year old Colton Burpo nearly scared his parents to death. Burst appendix and a crazy drive across Nebraska farmlands to the hospital. An anguished night of waiting.

But Colton leaves his body; sees circumstances around the hospital, the operating room, the chapel and the waiting room. In the vision/trance he then wanders over to his father’s Wesleyan Church and is serenaded in a gloriously altered sanctuary by angels.

Jesus walks down the aisle and invites him to take a trip. They pre-view Heaven and Colton is amazed at the brilliance of colours, the abundance of flowers and animals, and the throngs of happy, healed saints.

In increments he tells his Father Todd, a pastor of his experience. He assures that he wasn’t afraid of anything. It was all wonderful. He relates a meeting with Todd’s grandfather “Pop”. He had never met the man and the individual he met did not wear…

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