Always One Fact More

The stiff, incommmunicative neighbour has a loveless marriage. The prank-playing youth has a learning disability. The profane teenage girl gets to watch her parents fight every second day. The painfully shy young man once had a teacher who systematically humiliated him. These are the one facts more which should give us pause and a much more sympathetic ear to our fellow travelers.

But we have a wealth of life experience. We think that we have seen it before. We believe that we have discernment. We know where not to waste our time. And Omniscience looks on and shakes His head at such presumption. Love would have waited and watched, prayed and sought an honest opportunity to bless.

God also reserves the one fact more in our life of faith. Oh, to be saved. Oh, to be healed. Oh, to finish that study. Oh, to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Then it will be clear sailing and increased usefulness in the Kingdom of God. Then we will certainly have the “word in season” for him that is weary. Then perhaps even the prophetic “now” word to distribute among our friends to their inevitable blessing. Such presumption and self-assurance! We see nothing yet as we ought. We forget the stuff of which all mortals are made. We seldom tremble at God’s Word. We have no evident fear of the Lord. He will wait for another day, and perhaps another child of light.

Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON


One thought on “Always One Fact More

  1. Such insights are not “given” capriciously but from plan and purpose by design Divine. Not by chance or whim or glance or luck or cleverness or intellect or as reward for good works or to impress or to seek approval and acceptance.
    No…they are given by a sovereign God to whom and when and how He chooses to use us as He wills. “Though He slay me…yet will I trust HIM”
    Ours is not a God of convenience nor coincidence.
    Very well said brother, very well said indeed.
    Spoke straight to my core! (Anthony)

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