The Early Years – A little lost girl.

Peace to you Annie. (ANTHONY)



  A Life that is Blessed by God’s Mercy and Grace….. 

  My first memory was at about the age of 3,  hiding under the bed because my birth Mother who was an Alcoholic use to belt me when she came home from the Hotel, I was very frightened of her, she use to pull my hair, kick and hit me, why she did this I was never sure but I think it was because my father wouldn’t marry her, I was the result of her having an affair with him, sadly I suffered nightmares for many years as a child because of her abuse.

My brother John, I called him Johnny, was two years older than me,  I haven’t seen him since I was 5 years old although I have tried many times to find him, he use try to protect me as best he could but he wasn’t strong enough. At other times when my mother  wasn’t drunk…

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One thought on “The Early Years – A little lost girl.

  1. Hi Anthony and Doug, the Like is for your kindness in Reblogging my Early years, your encouragement is very much appreciated.

    Last night I gave thanks again for both of you, when you share God’s Truth in The Body of Christ and to a hurting world than you need to be commended for being Soldiers of The Cross… see link below….

    Christian Men –

    Please never feel you have to respond to my Posts or even follow my links and read them, they are for encouragement and uplifting and it is not always what I have written. I like to share what other Christians have written in Stories and real life, God has gifted His children greatly and I enjoy that others are blessed by them. It’s a bit like the flowers I gave others from their own garden when I was a child, sometimes we don’t appreciate God’s gifts till we see others enjoy them and than we long to give heartfelt thanks to God for them.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

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