The World’s Tiniest Violin-by jody s.


Playing the tiniest violin

when faces turn and laughter abounds

A sad little tune as people point fingers

And scoff at the minute whine


But this song is not for them

It’s a Calvary song

See surprised and blank stares

Mouths agape


The band leader is here

And brought the trumpets

And drums with Him

Mighty is the sound


It shakes the very foundation

Feet rest upon

The woodwinds blow down

Trees rooted in the cold dark ground


The strings stroked by bows

Snap off puppets as they topple

Into the open earth

Returned to their master


Oh yes, the world’s tiniest violin

Only for a composer’s ear


3 thoughts on “The World’s Tiniest Violin-by jody s.

  1. Reblogged this on justhappeneduponthis and commented:

    Pay close attention, not a single capital ‘I’ (ego) in the entire piece.

  2. The bombast of the world cannot countenance the still, small voice of mercy. They get the blast and the rubble of judgment, law and dog-eat-dog, but they cannot appropriate the tiny violin. And then come those 2 all-powerful words…”But God…”
    Good one Jody…Doug

  3. We search the skies for mighty eagles and miss the hummingbird miracles before our very noses.

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