The Compassion


I am as vulnerable

As that Mother on the birthing table

I feel every contracton

Every convolution

As you struggle to be

What you were meant to be.

For a while I harboured you

In warm amniotic peace.

But you must now

Address the environment.

And Child, it is cold

And often difficult.

The closer you come

To breaking out

The greater my pain


I push and I wait

And I push

As you progress


Toward that world

Of harsh rhythms.

You crown, you come

And you cry.

So do I.

And so will I

At every new turn

In the path.

Such is the Compassion.

Such is the Father

Of Love.

And I am never

No never

Going away.


Redemption is easy to experience because it cost God everything, and if I am going to be regenerated it is going to cost me something. I have…

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