Complete Brokenness Sees Clearly


“Thou art the man!”

The prophet Nathan had seen through King David’s charade with the illegitimate child by Bathsheba. A year had gone by since the unfortunate death of her husband and the hasty marriage to the King.

The prophet had told a little parable to catch David in his own wrongdoing and the King fell hard. His words of repentance are recorded in the 51st Psalm. Truly it is a prototype for clearing the slate with God.

Four very incisive concepts stand out in this prayer:

  1. Against Thee, Thee only have I sinned and done this evil in Thy sight. We are not talking about the comparative righteousness of mortals here which might be traded off as one offends the other. We are talking about transgressing the absolute holiness of God. Any single sin brings condemnation. Let us not presume to prioritize them. Sin bars access and fellowship. The king…

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