The Wild Flock


It must be rough

Watching us

In the upward climb.

Heads butt

And feet stray

From the path

You know is best.

And I am in this bunch.

Hazards too many

Because of our stiff necks

And crazy inclinations.

Because of the mean weather

And the skulking wolf.

A friend passed yesterday

We bleated our misery

Missing a member.

Feeling our vulnerability.

But your rod, Sir

And your staff

They comfort me

In strange ways.

And with you

It is mostly sunshine

And that high, lush plateau*

Will be attained.


(*Romans 8: 35-39)

Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON


4 thoughts on “The Wild Flock

  1. Aha…”the skulking wolf” maintains and is pivitol to ecological balance. Without one too much over run of the other, too much of “one” tilts the balance. As long as there is enough wild game to go around man and animal do not clash in competing for survival.
    If one takes a shot at an “apex” predator, one should be sure not to miss the mark! (Siberian tiger)

  2. So now shepherd David has taken on the lion, the bear… and the Siberian Tiger? Missed that one. Goliath you are one dead duck.

  3. Same Master…different assignments…same goal…not about understanding…comprehending…”but doing”…simple obedience. Goliath was not killed, he was already dead, he just didn’t know it (perspective).
    The stone to the head a symbolic formality.
    There is no hope for the “willfully unrepentant” who have heard The Truth and fallen away from it, blaspheming God is more than a cuss’ word at Him it takes on many forms and is well hidden to the eyes of man. “But God” knows and reveals.

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