Just Like This Image


And I didn’t even think

My sins had raised

A fearsome tide

A drowning in the drink.

And only when my eyes

My feeble eyes

Began to see the flood

Did I give thought

Or place or care

To Jesus’ needful blood.

I cried out loud

And so un-proud

I needed Christ, none other.

And He reached through

My drowning view

And grasped this Little Brother.


(Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON)


East of the Mountains

A retired surgeon with an irreversible diagnosis decides to take one last hunting trip up into the mountains with his dogs. And there eventually to commit suicide and end the drama. But discoveries and people and memories along the way renew for Ben the irresistible adventure spirit of life and opportunity. (Doug)

Revelation of The Cross


I heard a Pastor on the radio relate a story today about another Pastor who prayed to know the meaning of the Cross.

I tuned in midway so I missed a bit…but here goes.

I can’t quote this verbatim, just the gist of it…he asked for a revelation concerning the Cross, there seemed to him to be something missing. Something he just was not getting.

(ever feel that way?)

That night he dreamt that he saw a Roman soldier, shoving and dragging Jesus towards the Cross and whipping Him with the cat of nine tails viciously, the Pastor now a spectator witnessing this could bear it no more and rushed to the soldier, spun him around and found himself looking into his own face.

I was really moved by this story, perhaps it’s an old one, perhaps it’s been in circulation as a teaching tool for spiritual directors for a long while…I don’t know?

I know that I am a Johnny come lately to this, I acknowledge this but at the same time having heard this put in this way affected me and I believe for the better and I just thought to share that experience.

After-all it’s at the very least two thousand year old news.

But I’d never heard it put quite that way, must have been some sermon that Pastor gave the next worship day…whew!

Would have loved to have been there!


Anthony Gomez



This word is now unpopular in our culture.

Young brides delete it from their vows. Students know that they have the teacher all wrapped up in knots. Criminals get probation and light justice for their offences. Civil liberties arguments are used constantly to avoid duty and conformity.

But the concept of obedience in Biblical terms is the basis of peace, wisdom, usefulness and fellowship with the Most High God.

In John chapter seven at the Feast of Tabernacles, Jesus’ doctrine was challenged by the religious authorities:

16…My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me. 17. If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.

He is challenging the Pharisees, as if to say, ‘Hop on board. Do the things that I tell you and the things that I demonstrate, and you will…

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Woman, Behold Thy Son


My Jesus tortured! Why?
Oh that a sword should pierce my heart
And rip it from my breast!
My son brought here to die!
A Roman gibbet follows hard
The trial and false arrest.
So few would mourn and cry,
That mercy, boundless reaching love
Should meet such boundless hate.
Will no one answer why
My gentle Jesus’ coming here
Deserves a robber’s fate?

Forgiveness is his plea
For every mortal gathered now
To mock him at his end.
Suspended on this tree,
With only one repentant thief,
Apparently his friend.
Could I but rescue thee!
Sweet infant, searching, sturdy child
Who took a joiner’s trade.
Am I here forced to see
The final handiwork that you
So selflessly have made?

It’s Mother! In this crowd!
But do your eyes discern the one
Who comes to share your grief?
And John, beloved, allowed
Henceforth to render me instead
A loving…

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