Bunyan’s Cell

So much that I might do

But the tide has turned again

And the King’s ire is up-raised

And he’s seeking out God’s men.

And the Church is now his toy

And the Bishops do his will

Though the lordship of our Christ

Is a fact and power still.

And the cell a wee bit larger

Than the one I had last time

And the sleep in Christ’s approval

Brings restoring most sublime.

And the dream I had last night

Must become a volume true

Of the journey of one “Christian”

And the perils he passed through.

And the vision of the City

That would help him bear the shame

As he left the ways of custom

And the neighbours mocked his name.

And a wife would not go with him

As he heeded Matthew Ten.

But he prayed the God of Mercy

Would unite them once again.

Yes, a dream held all this power

And a River, glorious thought;

With a crossing, praising Jesus

For the Joyful Land He bought.


(Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON)


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