Schism-(Corinthians 12:25)


eagle hemingway

I just had to call him out

Seemed there was no other way

Had no inkling of credentials

Doubted half of what he’d say.

But the word had gotten round

Demons fled when he came near

People helped by this odd stranger

Naming Jesus without fear.

But he had not walked with us

And he had not heard you, Lord.

Was this just some cheap manoeuvre

To be listened to, adored?

And we must be cautious, yes

Lest your message be upturned

Lest your Kingom be embarrassed

And your call of mercy spurned.

What is that you’re saying Master?

Leave him be, and let him bless

He is well-tuned to our Gospel

Mustn’t fuss about the rest.”

Luke 9: 49, 50

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