Jesus: Here and Now


Echoes of Azusa Street

Sam and Dave had a zany idea. Or was it really so far-fetched? Both widowers, retired in their late sixties. Children all grown. Homesteads sold for modest apartments. They had been friends for a lifetime. School chums. Members and elders in the same church. And they certainly didn’t want to be shelved now.

An auto-service property had remained vacant and for sale for over a year. Doubtless no cash was being generated for the present owner. The property was at a key intersection in town just opposite the train station. It would be an easy renovation for a form of drop-in centre with a faith focus.

Sam would take charge of the simple renovations. He had been a foreman in commercial building construction. He would be the “here” in the formula. Dave had been a high school department head with much experience in generating interesting program…

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