Revelation of The Cross


I heard a Pastor on the radio relate a story today about another Pastor who prayed to know the meaning of the Cross.

I tuned in midway so I missed a bit…but here goes.

I can’t quote this verbatim, just the gist of it…he asked for a revelation concerning the Cross, there seemed to him to be something missing. Something he just was not getting.

(ever feel that way?)

That night he dreamt that he saw a Roman soldier, shoving and dragging Jesus towards the Cross and whipping Him with the cat of nine tails viciously, the Pastor now a spectator witnessing this could bear it no more and rushed to the soldier, spun him around and found himself looking into his own face.

I was really moved by this story, perhaps it’s an old one, perhaps it’s been in circulation as a teaching tool for spiritual directors for a long while…I don’t know?

I know that I am a Johnny come lately to this, I acknowledge this but at the same time having heard this put in this way affected me and I believe for the better and I just thought to share that experience.

After-all it’s at the very least two thousand year old news.

But I’d never heard it put quite that way, must have been some sermon that Pastor gave the next worship day…whew!

Would have loved to have been there!


Anthony Gomez


2 thoughts on “Revelation of The Cross

  1. Intense and convicting … always looked at being a part of that crowd, knowing that we helped and held Him there on that Cross; but like you Anthony, seeing ourselves as the literal ‘inflicter of His suffering’ is shocking … holding that whip. It’s not until we see ourselves as this Pastor did in his dream, staring face to face with the reality of who we really are … that the truth really sinks in.

  2. Yes, Liana everything you said is what compelled me to post this.
    And the Truth is I had (anonymous) in parenthesis next to it originally because I did not know the name of the author. Upon further thought I deleted it having realized how silly that must have seemed:)

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