Sidewalk Love Expressed

“Grass roots confession, praise and invitation. Really no professionals needed; and the Holy Spirit guides through the scriptures aright. Come and see. Come and hear. Neighbour. We don’t bite. We are in no gut-wrenching panic to sign you up for anything. We just want you to see Jesus, and to see Him at work. We are simply delighted newsboys and newsgirls. We didn’t invent any of this. Heaven did.”


Rather This

I would rather invest in one life

Feel the wet of its tears

The jolly pitch of its laugh

Use what strength is in these arms

To bear up the fainting frame

Catch a dream or two

From its repertoire

Hear a memory disclosed

That only a trusted one might fathom

Or ever get to hear

“In confidence”.

What a marvelous, bracing term

Of responsibility.

Rather have all of this

Than keep the juggled balls in the air

Partially satisfying

A bucket-full of acquaintances

Who have not the time

Or hunger, or honesty

For real engagement.

They come…they go

They flit, they flee.

But not you, my Man

My steel, my storehouse

Of belonging.*


(*As John the Beloved might have spoken to Jesus of Nazareth)



Nearly caught me, she did

At the River’s final bank

The Eternal City shining through the mist.

My journey near complete

Tired back, aching feet

Wonder! Then by her wiles nearly kissed.

She has toppled many souls

Casting just one sultry look

And bankruptcies and scandal fill her book.

How could I, Standfast,

Wobble at a dress or a scent,

Stumble at one vain, come-hithering look?

Madame Bubble, harlot

Strumpet of the world.

See the wreck that befell a simple lass.

And she tried me, she did

Not a single trinket hid

Only Heaven’s keeping care got me past.

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Keeper of the Keys


“The Lord hath prepared his throne in the heavens; and his kingdom ruleth over all” (Ps. 103:19).

Some time since, in the early spring, I was going out at my door when round the corner came a blast of east wind–defiant and pitiless, fierce and withering–sending a cloud of dust before it.

I was just taking the latchkey from the door as I said, half impatiently, “I wish the wind would“–Iwas going to say change; but the word was checked, and the sentence was never finished.

As I went on my way, the incident became a parable to me. There came an angel holding out a key; and he said:

“My Master sends thee His love, and bids me give you this.”

“What is it?” I asked, wondering. “The key of the winds,” said the angel, and disappeared.

Now indeed should I be happy. I…

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