Some Old Ears


He had said something to the effect that you can’t take it with you. All the praises of those in your circle will one day amount to nothing. He read a disturbing portion of Psalm 49, and then smiled and stared at the seniors gathered in the retirement chapel. Some were alone. Some had a spouse or friend. Some in wheelchairs.

The next thing that they heard was a portion of a song. He presented it in a passable baritone:
“Surely…Surely…He hath borne our grief…Surely…Surely…He hath borne our grief…He hath borne our grief and carried all our sorrows…Surely He hath borne our grief and carried all our sorrows.”

That was familiar. That was Handel. The Messiah. Yeah, that’s right.

The speaker continued, “That is the Good News, folks, for the taking. This is Easter Morning. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is fact in history. He has come through death and…

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