No Longer Opting Out


You say you wouldn’t dare

Discern the Word for certain

You couldn’t utter out

‘Thus saith the Lord.’

And let us not forget

The wars and persecutions

That marred the trail of faith

Can’t be ignored.

Great minds have gone to battle

On just a single precept

And here you sit a simple

Doubting saint.

You think it oh so humble

To hold out reservations.

But really, gotta tell ya’

Friend, it ain’t.

Those scriptures are the one meal

To feed the inner warrior

And give him strength

To tread down unbelief.

That Dragon who devours

The hopes of hurting people

And builds a wall

To block out all relief.

You wouldn’t pass a diamond by

Or fail to stake your claim

So why the double mind

On Holy Writ?

The Spirit makes it clear

If we only pray for vision

And trust His urge

As we are getting it.

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