Victory on the Blue-Green

Today another chariot-load

See them Father

The smiles, the joy

The diverse cultures

Registering surprise

The angels launching

Into their happy chores

The Family keeps arriving

As expected

The Spirit is so

Effective down there

So drawing

The Word full of life.

Now you just say it


And I’m on my way

Clouds part

That little place

Of blue and green

Stops its bickering

And its mendacity

And oppression

The patient, plaintive ones

Stellar in faith

See my arrival

My house-cleaning

My wrath

The wrath of a Lamb

My vindicating

And all the knees bow


And all the tongues confess

“Jesus is Lord”

To the glory of you




6 thoughts on “Victory on the Blue-Green

  1. Anthony, two years ago this February we two butted hearts. It would be an honour if you would do a You Tube video reading this poem as another collaboration. You have taught me bundles Bro’…and enlarged my heart. As Paul said, “Be ye enlarged…” Doug

  2. The one Jewish Mama said, “My son’s a doctor ya know. Doing so very well”. The next had a psychiatry professor. The third an in-house corporate counsel. And the fourth had a curious expression. “My Son was maligned and misinterpreted, spat upon, called a fraudulent religious huxter and killed, in spite of all his good messages and touch of healing and hope, and selfless life’s story.”
    There was an awkward pause in the group as she continued, “…but it’s not over by a longshot. He has defeated death and will soon reveal Himself to living and dead as Son of God and Saviour, conquering King, Lion of Judah. Every knee shall bow to Him, even the belligerent. Girls, I am already the happiest Mama around.”

  3. i’ll get on it but I will need jody’s help and it will have to be worked around her schedule…our pleasure.

  4. Thanks for the Soundcloud AG. The combination worked well. Not only the dogs will give voice at His coming. And we wait for that glorious processional. Only heard the audio this morning after viewing again “Intimate Knowledge” post and the video song…Doug

  5. Haven’t given up on the youtube video, jody has a hectic schedule for now:)
    Might be more than one video coming with this tremendous outpouring today from you! Whew!

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