Horse Senses


I often wish I didn’t see things

The way that I’ve learned to

Never asked for these eyes

Nor the sights they’ve been exposed to

You may see more

I may see less

I see myself as very ordinary

It’s not a contest

To see as you see

And to see as I do

Look at the same scenes

Through lenses of different points of view

Now were I to look over your shoulder

Try to help steady, adjust, focus your gaze

Would you deny seeing something new

From within the very same mundane everyday’s haze?

Would you deny me, dismiss me as unworthy, unclean, unholy, unrighteous,

simply because I don’t conform to the form of the comfy norm you’ve invented within your own head?

If seeing is believing why question the source?

“A horse is still, a horse, is a horse, is a horse…

Of course, of course, of course…”

If you cannot see the majestic white steed,

What makes you think,

That you can see the rider?


Thar She Blows!

Explosives have many applications.

They can be used in warfare,

Or for constructive purposes.

One important thing to remember about them is that once detonated,

That’s it, no changing one’s mind.

A controlled, skilled, well calculated detonation can bring down an entire tall building

Collapsing upon itself without damaging any surrounding property.

This requires expertise and skill.

And from that site after the rubble is removed something new.

No one builds a new building atop an old one.

How can there be room to add to a cup already full?

Why that would be like putting new wine in old wine skins…capische’?

Fireworks displays are beautiful to see and can be quite harmless if the proper precautions are taken.

Sometimes fireworks can be quite stimulating…no?

Explosives have been very useful in carving tunnels through mountains achieving the most efficient and direct routes for road and railways.

Some explosives such as nitroglycerin can be extremely “unstable” and require great care in handling.

I find it most interesting that something “unstable” can be the catalyst to obtain a stable result.

How many tunnels do we pass through?

How many mountains have been carved away in the name of connectedness and progress.

Can God make use of the instability of some of us to effect changes in others according to His plan and purpose.

I already know the answer to that question as I am living proof that He can and does as He wills.

But I thought I’d just put that out there…to ponder?

(This knowledge was not come by easily but at a great cost and well worth it.

Methods always come into question, but one can pose no arguments as to the positive results.   

What I love most about crossword puzzles is how they help to exercise my mind into thinking outside of the box for all possibilities. For an ex.:
one of the clues on a recent crossword was “opens a window_ _ _ _” I thought of slides, cranks as in a handle, pushes, pulls, lifts? The answer was “airs” hadn’t even considered that one. All the wrong assumptions were instantaneous and would not fit into the space provided, not even with a shoe horn. buuuut the one right answer took time to figure out.)

Anthony Gomez, Moncks Corner, S.C.

Soda Jerk


Just exactly what is a milkshake?

Always must begin with ice cream,

Then a bunch of other ingredients according to individual tastes and preferences.

There are many different variations.

But it is only just that, many different tastes thrown together into one “cup”,


Masterfully blended together!


A little agitation at just the right time can be a perfect catalyst in all things working together for good.
Romans 8:28
You can’t get clothes clean without it,
stimulate a pearl to grow either,
strip an old finish off of something being remodeled.
Yup, all that and more require agitation.


“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers”

God Bless


bad cop

You were goaded

You were chided



Denied it

The direction of the pull resisted


Minute details you recollect

Disrupting the logic of human intellect

The ring of truth

Pervades your innermost parts

But you say you know His voice

Follow and obey

The conflict

Is nothing new

It was only ever on delay

You peruse me

Examine me

Ears testing words,

“As the palate tastes it’s food”

And you are challenged to discern

Bad from good

Light from dark

But you fought every bit of the way

Letting go of nothing old

cleaving to the nothings learned as if some precious prize

that should have long ago, been counted as loss

not even grasping for freshly revealed kernels, gems, pearls …

Scrutinizing, over analyzing, smoke and mirrors

oh so busy…senses working overtime

But there were none

No false-hoods

not a one


you once called me

was it I who put it in your very own words 

and into your very own mouth? 

Only in your own mind belies the “twist”

you struggle to see and identify

Searching for the tiniest weakness

to rationalize, justify,

any excuse to shrink back and say:

False, phony, pretender, wolf you cried

That was the moment fear over-ruled

A potential step over a new threshold

Where a greater faith resided

and a well hidden fear of the unknown

Shrank back behind the comfort of a false bravado

and denied it


To have a friend
Who gently checks the pulse rate
And shuts his mouth
When I am prone to rant.
To see his smile
When all inside is ripped up
And know he means it
Even though I can’t.
To hear his word
And know it’s steeped in Christ
Hard come by
Transcending all the pain.
Yes, such a friend
One diamond full
Of scintillating comfort
Is priceless gain.

Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON