Horse Senses


I often wish I didn’t see things

The way that I’ve learned to

Never asked for these eyes

Nor the sights they’ve been exposed to

You may see more

I may see less

I see myself as very ordinary

It’s not a contest

To see as you see

And to see as I do

Look at the same scenes

Through lenses of different points of view

Now were I to look over your shoulder

Try to help steady, adjust, focus your gaze

Would you deny seeing something new

From within the very same mundane everyday’s haze?

Would you deny me, dismiss me as unworthy, unclean, unholy, unrighteous,

simply because I don’t conform to the form of the comfy norm you’ve invented within your own head?

If seeing is believing why question the source?

“A horse is still, a horse, is a horse, is a horse…

Of course, of course, of course…”

If you cannot see the majestic white steed,

What makes you think,

That you can see the rider?


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