Faith Unlikely Attired


On display…

in the front window of a clothing store

what you’ve always desired

but could never afford

The store itself a marvel of architecture

ornately decorated shiny and full of splendor

A man walks up to you and asks:

“what is it that you seek?”

“Tis’ my heart’s desire unfurled before me”

“I am a man of means

and i would like to pay the cost for you to have it”

says the man…

So you watch incredulously

as the man walks in

and the store clerk takes it down

from where it hung on display

wraps it in white tissue paper

lays it across the counter ever so gently

The man motions for you to step forward

and receive it

the full purchase price has been paid

but as you step towards the threshold

you catch your reflection in the window

can’t believe or conceive it… say:

“why would a stranger do this for me?”

and so you hesitate

You think to yourself:

“i can’t go in there anyhow, not looking this way”

So you turn and run…

And come to learn one day

that kind man never stopped looking for you

he found you passed out in an alleyway

you awakened to a voice that said:

“I’ve waited a long time, to give this gift to you,

you’ve grown a bit

but rest assured it shall be a perfect fit.”

jesus cloak


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