New Shoes


Take these shoes from me

they hurt my feet

Down many a dark dirt road

evil domains

foul abodes

haphazardly trodden

given almost as good as gotten

smell of something rotten

Calluses on my feet

where the soles wore through

walking on coals

smelled something burning

blackened burnt toes

No salve

no poultice

no aloe to be found

to soothe blistered feet

from scorched fallowed ground

“keep your head up”

“lift your eyes up”

In the final throes

fits and spasms

of a hanged man

how can one distinguish up from down?

Those old shoes

now dangle from telephone wires

as a constant reminder

of walks through fires

My new shoes gifted by Grace

remind me of every step ever taken

easily traced

Back to the very beginning

past moments of disgrace

You were there

You are here right now

and everywhere

in between.

God Bless.


One thought on “New Shoes

  1. I’m walkin’ yessiree. I’m talkin’ bout You and me.

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