A Beautiful Mess

beautiful mess

No stretch of the imagination

more of a conscious restraint

this palette

this canvas

this easel

upon which heart and mind paint


it’s like a psalm of David accompanied by lute


an accordion lazily slinking down an endless stairway

Or bagpipes accidentally stepped on

Altogether at times a clashing melodious staccato cacophony

* “a beautiful mess” *

reflections, introspections, inverted, redirected, projected…

Rising to the surface of a swift stream

grasping what is needed

to be worked out

or worked on

set on a work table

Allowing the remainder to pass by or sink

thoughts don’t go away

only recycle

same questions

posed in different ways

Not all pleasantries

not all intentional…

those vaguaries

Just musings…

shooting stars whizzing by a mind’s eye

majestic wild horses with flowing manes

thundering across a big country’s mental planes

Even if it were possible to capture them all what then?

A work in progress…

fail or succeed

in thoughts works deeds

comforted in the knowledge of being held in existence

By a God who loves, writes, is eternally Faithful

constantly publishing…

Doesn’t require Royalties

Is sovereign

New Works Freely Given

Always on the bestseller’s list

Divine Author of The Greatest Story Ever Told

Glory be to God

(love letter in bold)



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