The Thug, The Saint, The Seeker, A Most Reluctant Restraint

exhausted dog

I just don’t quite get it,

At least most times not until after i’ve taken it too far

and sometimes question if I’ve stopped before going far enough

Perhaps I never will..”get it”.

Though I try,

I’ve come to know,

Something inside,

That cannot be denied.

Every so often,

I become comfy,

Tell myself I can push at You,

Imagine that…

What arrogance!

As if I could move You.

But You never budge,

And the only thing moving,

Is I backing away from You.

The harder I push,

The greater the distance.

Emblazoning upon my own conscience,

a path of least resistance

a path that leads to troubles.

The pent up force

The right wire cut

The bomb disarmed

The spring uncoiled

The wicked thought foiled

The tension relaxed

The breath free and easy

The pause of misdirected will

The voice that says “be still”

Knowing the bent to which we are prone

Stopping to meditate upon You Who Are God Alone

Rest in Your peace

Flooded in your embrace

Watch what was set in motion



And cease

Calming the stormy sea

Humbly reminded…

Of a proper place

Double time to get back to grounds lost

Having been temporarily blown off course

And here You come behind me…

mopping up my mess

Tsk…Tsk…Shaking Your Head

Me ignoring all the caution signs

of the folly once more

going to the nth degree of putting others to the test

Fall and break a leg on the wet floor

But there is a bright side to all this

to look forward to with joy

When I can no longer walk on my own

Poppa picks me up and holds me close to His chest

while I heal..and knit and rest

I can once again re-attune

Hear Your Heart beat

and hide myself in Your Breadth

Lord and lamb


2 thoughts on “The Thug, The Saint, The Seeker, A Most Reluctant Restraint

  1. I see a picture of old red boxer’s gloves hanging up on the wall. (Doug)

  2. I see…bare knuckles now is it? (LOL)

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