FLOODS Into Thresholds

The room rapidly filled with water
And it was all that could be done
To tread it and keep a head above
Kicking away the floating debris
That seemed to choke and smother me
The accumulated comforts artificial
Furnishings…once desired
Proud Fruits of labors
Possessions inanimate…encumbering
A light in the ceiling again
Approaching an opening
Climbing through
The portal seals behind me
My breath echoes tranquility
Resonates in this fresh new empty space
Free to come and go
Upon every return
Bring something else with me
Decade upon decades
The cycle repeats
Strife, pain, loss
Slow to seeing loss as gain
The empty room…
In the center
To bow, kneel and pray
Everything needed unseen
Abundant divine provision
More than sufficient
Here now to stay
Free to come and go as always
Taking what has been given to those who would hear
But leaving at the doorstep
A “Now”…
Conscious decision in obedience
Not allowed to enter
Into this Gifted…
Most Sacred space
 Where “refreshments” are being served.


“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers”

God Bless


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