Self-Ish (estranged from family)

wounded eagle.

You won’t see me again

After this…

Not in this lifetime anyway

There is a choice

There is a voice

There is a path

I think of you often…I think of all of you

There is not a day that I don’t

So far from me now

I dragged my feet under the weight

Slowed my pace

Hoping you’d catch up

Always looking over my shoulder for a sign

(how my heart aches)

Finally surrendered to the possibility

That you might not show

And now…

This melancholy has become my “ages’” appropriate seasonal garment

So ungrateful it must seem

To know of the Light You’ve Shone me

And still allow for self-loathing

So unworthy…

Peace makes me feel more guilty

Love as I’d understood it

Was always a thing filthy

I have no way to show anyone

No words that can tell

What it is I see

How can i?

When I cannot yet believe what is happening to me.

And yet I am compelled to shuffle along with this pen

like an albatross around my neck

To the very end

As if it were my only friend

Though in the Master’s plan it may seem of little use

(exercises in discipline and obedience basic training in preparation, how much will stick?)

Am I Just another desperate wannabe Christian

fishing for a new excuse?

I fall face down upon your Mercy yet again Oh Lord

In a cloud of dust,

With a THUD!

And grieve…

My name is mud.

And if You’ve taught me one thing

though i’ve struggled, it is this…

that even “mud”

can believe

eagle swimming

Oneagleswings, Moncks Corner, S.C.

Digging Useless…”Meant Wells”

friendly fire
Good intentions
Sometimes just blow up in our faces
Here we rush with remedies
Waving dead Kennedys
And God is saying:
“Get out of my way”
Sometimes we just don’t get the message
Try to spread out a safety net
Oblivious to flames licking at our own backs
shouts ring out of:
We will catch you!”
God is Sovereign,
Knows what He is doing
Even when,
We can’t understand
When we interfere…
We become immersed in the lesson
Our good intentions,
Were meant to prevent for another
You see…
Newton knew,
That nothing falling,
Stops in mid-air
And once fallen
We can no longer fall
from where we have landed
only face down to the ground
can we see above ourselves
and the shining face looking down on us
should only be a hand extended
to help us arise in love
First we must fall
Then land
Before many faces
Bleed into…
One hand
Anthony Gomez

No Kinship

Momma sang…

Sister danced…

Dirty old men crowded around

with clapping hands

and silver fell from grateful pockets


Driving by real slow

In a jealous rage

Taking aim…


A shot rings out

And Momma and Daughter see

But they keep it hush, hush

Step-Grandfather is stricken

But doesn’t die

He’s been shot

without ever knowing who or why?


Part 1 of one of the greatest lies

Nothing confessed…

Though churchin’ to be seen

All of a generation then more

Now destined to live in a hearse

And over time bad turned to worse


You know what happened

You saw it all

You kept it silent

Judgment fell upon us all

Sins of the Father

Didn’t you hear that small still call?


Feared for yourselves

Self preserved in guilt and shame

Forgot our Father who art in Heaven

Forgot to call on His Son’s name

Such a shame…


Under a curse

Under a curse

Under a curse

And it only got worse

You don’t see it

Because the world loves it’s own

So whose gonna burst that bubble

Encompassing a self-made throne?


They’d probably still be with us

If only they had humbled themselves

And bowed and knealt in fear

It’s the beginning of all wisdom

Seek ye’ first the Kingdom of God

And all these things will be added to you

But what did you?

But keep silent…

As some still do till this very day

Lord have mercy…

Upon us all.