Seeing Red/The Breaking

Let us leave the past in the past
Seems like the right thing to do
But if you stepped in shit yesterday
You still gotta clean your shoes
Either that or track a mess back home
Now your past is in your present
Stinking up your house
It all happened in the past
But you ain’t clean in the “now”
No way…no how
Who goes number two
Without wiping their ass?
I know it sounds crude
Perhaps I’m being rude?
But you can’t parade yourself as some “upright” dude
If you’ve been a glutton feeding your face
From out of someone else’s soul-food
If you took what wasn’t yours
By the power of your own will
And made it your own
By the silence of lambs
Fashioned a robe from flesh
Every gain from only a boost
Well guess what?
“the chickens are coming home to roost”
What goes up must come down
An apple upside the head
Or six feet under ground
Can ya’ hear me now?
Ya’ feel me?
I was right beside you all along
Did you ever really see me?
I was there when you snatched a ring from the carousel
But ya’ climbed on someone else’s shoulders to do it
Put your ass in their face
Made a profession of faith
And still clung to disgrace
What goes around
Comes around
In spades…
And that carousel is what you’ve remained on
While thinking you were walking straight
Evil in your eyes
Concealed by designer shades
But they will come off
The light will hit you
You’ll be my next rhyme
And I will spit you
Neither hot nor cold
I will name you
Call you out into the open
And shame you
You’ll get angry
Your temper will flare
But I’ll stay on you
Till you are spent
Mad bulls charging full of rage
I’ll be at peace at the table prepared before me
Put on my bi-focals
Turning page after page
And occasionally whisper “ole’”
Till your panting and puffing and gasping
Collapse in a heap
Fall into a sound sleep
And all that much vaunted pride
Is flicked off of your flesh
Like the puny pathetic lies
Of a deceiving little flea whispering in your mind
time to kill that buzz
That it ever
really was.

“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers”

God Bless


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