Fireflies-owl city

This is the day the Lord has made 

Let go of bitterness resentment and hurt

while lust of the eyes drawn to a passing short skirt

lust of the flesh at 7am craves a decadent double chocolate dessert

pride of life barges in takes the form of power struggles and strife

i keep on repeating to myself

“this is the day…” over and over again

someone’s lost smile

errant windblown finds a home

alights upon my face

catches me off-guard

doesn’t seem so hard now at all

begins to mesh

the quiet call

avert the eyes

deny the flesh

joy suddenly fills my heart

i find comfort in fearlessly confessing Truth

i turn to Love beyond reproof

You still love a big stupid goof

who walks an imperfect path towards a perfect goal

“A peace that surpasses all understanding”

embellishes not decaying flesh or dour countenances

but rather gives way to inner glimpses of:

radiance shimmering, glistening, gleaming, living souls

trapped in pourous earthen jars

“fireflies” impatiently glow

even in a garden nourished solely by the tears of past sorrows,

something beautiful, may yet, still grow“-anthony


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