They’re all gone,

All counted as loss

Those earthly treasures accumulated over years

Mementos, possessions, unclaimed, cut-off, left for dead

There was a photo of my dear niece Yaasmiyn with my sister Paula

Taken on my boat that I treasured more than the damn boat

Lives in my heart and in my mind vividly

Why she kept it…so cruelly, so jealously

Is still a mystery to me

There was a photo of myself with my arm around my Father

Taken at 510 cortland ave. Syracuse @ my sister and brother-in-law’s

Where he was actually smiling, spontaneously, joyfully…

A rarity…I still can see, again…most vividly

Why would she keep this from me?

If not only vindictively…but I forgive easily

Some things I still see clearly

Living inside of me

No one can touch or take it from me

Twice I walked into the unknown rejected

All my stuff was strewn about treated callously,

the things that once meant something to me


broken inside, misunderstood, defeated,

beaten down by all I tried to hide living inside of me

with only the clothes on my back

there was a bridge I could not cross

not with either one of them

it just was not meant to be

I was not meant for them

And they were not meant for me

I’d already been claimed…unknowingly

And I was exactly the same

“cracked and leaking pot”

The day that she found me

The day I met…number three

So what happened,

To change me?

All I can say is…

I would not change a thing

And I would never be tempted to trade

A multitude of number ones or number twos

For number three

One in three…three in one

Seems to make perfect sense



2 thoughts on “Timelines

  1. Jody’s gonna get a big head. NICE.

  2. never gonna’ happen, not with jody she seems immune to such weaknesses…she has em’ but that’s not one of em’.

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