Donkey I and Donkey II

donkey angel encounter

The Donkey

Balaam’s donkey upon returning to his master’s stable from a long and eventful journey wastes no time in recounting his adventures to his fellow donkeys.

When he is done one of the donkeys speaks up (in donkey talk), “eee-aww…eee-aww”

(what kind of a jackass do you take us for?)

(are we to believe you actually saw an Angel of the Creator and that the Creator actually spoke through you?)


(I did I tell you!)


(maybe you ought to have a little hay, drink a little water from the trough and lay down for a bit, afterall it was a long and tiring journey)


(Didn’t really expect you guys to buy that, I was just uumm pulling your leg…yeah that’s it, I made it all up.)


(hey, you really had us going there for a minute what a kidder…great story!)


(Thanks, see you guys in the mornin’ I’m beat and ready to fall out)

(“what goes along, gets along I guess, still gotta’ live with these guys…yawn.”)

Balaam’s donkey lays down and notices a moonbeam streaming through a missing board in the stable, falls asleep staring at the twinkling stars in the Heavens.
He dreams he hears a tender voice gently whisper to him:

rest now little donkey you have served me well, in the morning you will remember nothing


“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers”

God Bless

Donkey II

He is the Creator
we are His Creatures
we spend way too much time
scrutinizing facial features
Masters and servants
Disciples and Teachers
does it matter who was on top,
at the moment of conception?
The child entrusted to your stewardship now,
hungers for nourishment and direction
Wrested authority is tyranny
and should be rejected
Authority is never taken
only given
Live exactly where you are
to the fullest in Christ
exactly where you are now
some of the most annointed Pastors
received instruction while imprisoned
We often miss the message
because the messenger
just doesn’t seem to suit
our expectations
When we contend with donkeys
and fail to ask ourselves…
“how is it that this donkey is speaking”
We miss the very ONE
we are so desperately seeking.



2 thoughts on “Donkey I and Donkey II

  1. The family reunion was proceeding in the usual fashion. It was mainly in honour of dear old Uncle Charlie. His health was critical and the length of time on the hot deck out back would have to be limited. He tried his best to match the levity of the occasion, but his tired eyes were saying other things. His great-niece Darlene crawled up onto his lap without any awkwardness and straightened the tuft of hair over his left ear. “Cheer up Unca Charlie, Jesus has made this a special summer day for you. He holds you in His hand just like that Good Shepherd in the story.”

    There were tears in many faces, but Charlie was truly relaxed and beaming. (Doug)

  2. This is what Miss Cleo cannot “get”
    Though it rest right on the tip of her nose, she only sees cross-eyed.

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