This time a rare thing has happened
the title stepped ahead of the rhyme
but I am at a loss to write
another single thing
upon this site
my heart simply is not in it anymore
how can one…
when one cannot…
oh, what is the use?
you can label it “self pity”
like all the other labels imposed
I am no one one’s
You got to be kidding me?!
is all I can be
my life was voluntarily
and purchased
by a ransom paidI died long ago
my life is not my own
and I refuse to dilute His messages
because of unbelief
a lion by the tail
cannot be controlled
but it will purr like a kitten
in it’s Master’s arms
watch over the Daniels’ of the world
and keep them from harmi’ll put the message out there
take it or leave it
though i’d rather not
that is my charge
I did not want to seem boastful
did not want to presume
I could not be sure
could not come out and say it
seemed too incredible
but now I cannot deny it
Lord I was upset with others
simply because It was easier than
it was You urging me
this is an argument
only a fool would engage in
i’ll keep pounding my bloody head
against a wailing wall
till You say…
but I will not compromise
nor play the fool
to people please…
I know i’m being watched
and can no longer engage
in what
John 5:39-40(39) You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me. (40) But you are not willing to come to Me that you may have life.
New King James Version   Change Bible versionsThe word “search” is ereuano in Greek, and means “to search, examine into.” It can imply “to search by uncovering; to search minutely; to explore; to strip, to make bare; to search by feeling, by touch.”Homer, in The Iliad, used this word to indicate a lioness and her dedication to her cubs. They were lost, and she was on a huge plain searching very carefully everywhere. In The Odyssey, he used the same word to picture a dog tracking its prey – having its nose on the ground and never losing the scent.Metaphorically, it can be used to describe one digging deep for treasure and precious metal, breaking every single clod that nothing would be missed. It means to shake and to sift until every meaning of every sentence, word, syllable, and even every letter may be known and understood.

Jesus is saying that these people search out every tiny, minute thing in striving for eternal life. But they were not willing to come to Him, humble themselves, and change so that they would have real, eternal life!

Can this happen to us today? Sure, it can! We see things that we are loathe to change in our lives, or we procrastinate. This is what Jesus is illustrating. Luke 18:9-14 gives us an example of a man who thought that he was doing wonderfully well. He probably knew more than the tax collector ever would. But the tax collector had the humility to humble himself before God and to repent.

— John O. Reid

Who has seen GOD?
Yet He is real,
as real as the disbelief in the world
and worse still…among Christians
every messenger sent…


“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers”

God Bless



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