In Conversation

Navigating shorelines
by visual aides,
landmarks and dead reckonings
losing sight of the WAY
“deep calls to deep”
in my sleep,
i hear you beckoning,
in silence, wide awake, asleep
Rushing of wind
rustling of palms
i meet you there
the same place
as in prayer
or in David’s psalms
without thinking
in this place…
where my own thoughts
are my very own worst enemiesWhen i awaken
i don’t remember a thing
but after morning prayers
and the day’s activities begin,
while driving…
i’m walking through waking dreams
and it all comes pouring back in

Navigating shorelines anew
scanning for stranded survivors
looking for tell-tale signs, flares, bonfires

Making some progress
growth is painful
A Truth so evident
in Truth…
i cannot claim to understand
in attempting to
can only under-mind,
the tasks assigned
that i should be more mind-full of

Does the oyster know
the agitation is causing
something new and beautiful to form?
Can sand be held in hands?
and if so,
for how long?
An hour at a time perhaps…
in a measured amount, in a glass?
sand, fire and air, pristine sparkling vessels

In complete immersion,
through no efforts of it’s own,
sculpted by sun, sand, salt, water and tide,
is not the driftwood bobbing aimlessly in the sea,
washed ashore…
Sun dried…unique, transformed, beautiful?

Created in His image,
how can we be anything less than?
but we are, aren’t we?
In our own eyes…
if only we could see,
what you see in us,
And how You love us unconditionally.

We Rise…


“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers”

God Bless


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