A Maestro’s Opus

jesus on a cloud
Angels of winds
Angels of strings
Angels of percussion

Choir director stands by…
awaits the prompt
all tuning stops
all bows at the ready
cellos, violins, harpsichords
as The Maestro steps forward
followed by The Saints

Light in Light from Light to Light
Robed in White brighter than bright
In the silence that ensues…
hear a feather drop
The King surveys His Heavenly Hosts
The shout resounds
across the Heavens and the earth

He turns and reveals Himself
This GOD of many Names
As a cloud genuflects in reverence and obedience and says:
“ride upon me MY LORD as it is written…”

His Tongue now a double edged Sword
The Word steps forward
as a cloud receives Him
Eyes are Living Flames
better to stare into the sun
than to attempt to meet His Gaze

The eagles cry out:
“Woe and Joy…
for He Who was, is and shall be again is come,
judgment is upon us this day”


2 thoughts on “A Maestro’s Opus

  1. Again…a repost from the old site:) a.g.

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