time child

Only now…
in Your bosom of safety, security and comforting
can i begin to reflect upon past hurts
the ones i caused directly or indirectly
those i inflicted
those catalysts that seemed negative
and were felt first and foremost
clouding the overall bigger picture
What i now find are golden nuggets strewn across a vast
once desolate field of memories
glistenings in the darkness
pearls, precious gems and stones
like fireflies at night in forests
grief does not have to be a blinder
but a process if entrusted to the Lord
once endured…
is Faithful to gift us with eyes
of treasure findersAll that is required is to do the work
the homework within, without, unto others as unto ourselves’
diligently, Faithfully, obediently
and trust The Lord is hard at work
at all the stuff we can’t control
the deep hurts we feel over those closest to us
for a time lost to us
become furthest from us unforeseenIf and when we are re-united again
if it be God’s Will
They will see and know
the Love they withheld
was actually the very Blessing needed
in order to grow beyond those limits
family is biological yes
but the greater reality
the greater TRUTH is…
is a common spiritual bond in FaithIn Christ,
there are no losses to count,
only gains,

“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers” God Bless

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