Shown The Way Out

Two children
a boy and a girl
almost identical in appearance
identically dressed
in victorian era
parochial school uniformsgreeted a sultry,sensuous,attractive woman
at the entrance
to what appeared to be
a compound…
an outpost…
in a desolate placea squared courtyard
surrounded by tall
chain-link fencing
topped with razor
and barbed wire

they motioned for her to follow
she seemed reluctant
but compeled to obey
in a subtle
like a piece of tin being drawn along
by a powerful magnet

(there was no obvious visible light source
no spotlight, no lamp, no candle
yet everywhere the children stood
and immediately surrounding them
there was ambient light…
as if…
they themselves
were emanating the light source

on one end of the courtyard
were a series of neatly arranged
leveled plots of earth
at the head of each
was a neatly folded paper bag
containing something or other

the children led her to one of them
and motioned for her to pick it up
she curtsied somberly
and with feigned dignity
like a hooker getting booked
at a police precinct

though no handcuffs
but clearly apprehended
subdued by light
with nowhere to run
and accepting the inevitable

with the bag folded neatly in front of her
as if carrying a purse
she was beckoned to follow again
across to the far end of the yard

there were three huge
heavy wooden doors
resembling some sort of barnyard design
they opened one
and motioned for her to enter
she was blank stared
as she complied unable to resist

she entered…
blended into the darkness therein
and emerged again facing them
as she laid down the bag
upon a flat stone slab

the children…
solemn and purposeful in their duty
seemed to have done this
many times before
as they slowly slammed shut the door
with a thud…
and latched it securely

they turned and walked away
as they did…
they motioned for me to follow

(i thought they didn’t know i was here?)

(this is my dream…i’m the observer?)

the whole time…
i was wrong

the children led me towards the open gate
along the way cries could be heard
howls and moans, bone chilling, heart stopping
seemed to go on forever
much the same as the previously
short walk from the gate
which now seemed distant
uphilled and arduous

i asked them why?
why did it take so long
for it to burn?

they stopped just short of the gate
turned and spoke in unison
for the very first time
their lips not moving

they said:

“some take longer than others”

as i walked out
i smelled something awful burning
too horrible to describe
stinging my nose
dark billowing smoke
drifted by overhead

as they closed the gate behind me
i thought…
they seemed like children in appearance
but they were clearly something more

across a dirt road on the far shoulder
a car had been left running
headlights still on

i got in…
put it in gear…

and did not look back

dawn was breaking upon the horizon
and daylight
a most welcome sight

“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers” God Bless

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