Peanut Butter With Jesus

pb jar

The elephant in the room is growing restless
curious and mischievous
how he opens the jars is mysterious
the cost of peanut butter is rising
as is the cost of trash bags
to collect the empty jars he leaves strewn about
They all say they see him too,
as they pat me on the head patronizingly
They see him in vibrant colors
but i know the elephant is truly only gray
They step in what he leaves behind him
do not see it
do not smell it
their feet slip on it
The eyes that hide behind the elephant’s flankside
are amused
Flick half-hearted ineffectual prayers off of themselves
like just so many gnats or flys
A minor inconvenience
he seems to draw many wherever he goes
Tried to starve him out…
but he just goes over to the neighbor’s house
where the front gate is left wide open
and the cost of feeding him is bankrupting them
It’s a wilderness in the spaces between here and there
and he knows the well worn paths’
through the dark woods that now separate us
where the hidden stashes of peanut butter can be found

JESUS is in our front yard
by a picnic table beneath the shade of an old oak tree
spreading out a red and white checkered tablecloth
three cups, three plates lovingly placed before us
Jesus smiles His approval as we bow and kneel
in thanksgiving and praise
my brother, my sister and i
While, from the other side of a hedge
the elephant slowly turns and lumbers away
only then do we notice
he has the tail of a lion
looking away somewhat puzzled
we see JESUS filling our cups to overflowing
our eyes…
now flooded with light


What has become of our beloved neighbors?

Well…unfortunately, they are at their wits’ end.

elephant in the room2


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