Brothers at a Crossroads

All of your writing has squeezed insights out of you on our frail human condition and the bounty of Christ. This is invaluable as you encounter hurting individuals who are duped by the lying “advertised standard”. The need for your outlook will become greater as the folly and purposelessness increase (Bruce Jenner, gay marriage “celebrated”). You needn’t struggle to find opportunities. You know that so well. I can sense that you are irritated by the status quo of strained health and inactivity. Who wouldn’t be? So perhaps you might stretch yourself a little in getting about? Finance and mobility limitations. We have them too. And we are largely alone. Probably pressing the kids a little too hard for engagement. My visits to churches have been like taking a pulse. Near dead. The Anglicans receive some good sermons, but they are constricted by liturgy and the mandatory theme of each season of the year. The after-hour coffee is just chat and sweets and not showing any enthusiasm in sharing Jesus or recent discoveries. But I will not centre out just the Anglicans; same goes for the Lutherans, Pentecostals and non-denominationals. “Doing one’s duty for the Lord. Taking the rector’s good thoughts”. But Jesus wants a joyful shared exploration and testing. You and I have gone there AG and it has been very good.
Let’s continue in some format…DB

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