Live Wire

I was shown such things

At a very tender age

I didn’t ask…

But it was foisted upon me nonetheless

When all I wanted to do was play

It festered and grew

The old

Along with the new

Confusion, intrusion, disillusion

Were the accepted norm

Too callused and numb to even know

When I was walking in storms

(to many, i must have seemed really dumb)

Lightning thrilled my eyes

And I couldn’t get enough

Thunder was music to me

Getting caught in the rain

Always a pleasant surprise

I watched as others ran

Never understood why?

Guess I didn’t have enough sense to “know”

Whatever they knew so certainly

Compared to the storms raging within me

The world outside seemed like child’s play

One time I stood and watched in awe

Slowly drawing closer

As a downed live wire thrashed about violently

Adults nearby were shouting things at me

But I couldn’t hear them

My mind tuned them out

Just garbled, muffled cries, that were meaningless

I was mesmerized…

And only had one thought on my mind

Reaching out to the white hot brilliance

Touch the sparks

Unafraid and determined

I was suddenly yanked away by a stranger

Even as a child I knew

Though I didn’t yet know that I knew

I looked at this stranger that was red in the face

And shouting at me

Correcting in Love…

And thought clearly this:

(“it was fine, all was good, I was safe either way”

But somehow I knew he would not have understood)

“Thank you Sir”

Would have to suffice

Strolled away
Head still in the clouds
(Unconsciously taking it all in)
Naïve in doze daze.

live wire


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