Jesus Heals


6 thoughts on “Jesus Heals

  1. Thanks AG. Loving this with an enlarged heart! Oscar winner Ernest Borgnine looks into the loving face of Jesus; feels His hopeful touch. This was a British mini-series “Jesus of Nazareth” based on the short book by William Barclay. I remember it from college days. Still an Anglican, but “awoling” on Robert Schuller (sigh). Having no clue yet about the Blood or the Spirit. But God…

  2. It’s funny you said “enlarged heart”, when I was a teenager I was diagnosed as having an enlarged over-sized heart.
    They said it could cause complications in the future…Imagine that!
    “Complications” ER…riiiight…okay:)

  3. jblair814 says:

    Is that Stacey Keach at the beginning there? Looks like him but it’s hard to see if theres that lip scar underneath his beard. Good scene though. I’m still a bigger fan of Jim Caveizel’s version, but this is classically good.

  4. Jordo welcome! The soldier is Ernest Borgnine. The Christ is an English actor chosen for this English production. Back in the 70’s a TV mini-series. Dealt with the whole life not exclusively The Passion as with Gibson-Caveizel.

  5. Congrats! Captain Blair!

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