Jesus Of Nazareth (the mini-series) Allow me to explain…the flurry of clips:)

A few nights ago Jody had insomnia and stayed up until 4am, she started watching Jesus of Nazareth and could not stop.
A few times I half-awoke in the middle of the night and over-heard the movie playing on the t.v.
Smiled inwardly, what a beautiful awakening sound to hear and drift peacefully back into the sweetest of blissful dreams!
It was penetrating my subconscious apparently, deeply as I slumbered in a way I could not have done so if I tried my hardest.
It’s been on the fore-front of my waking thoughts ever since:)
Hence the many “youtube” clips posted from the mini-series “Jesus Of Nazareth”

I am very grateful, grateful that she did not stay up and watch nightmare on Elm Street instead.

Enjoy…be blessed!



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