Followed my eyes
To where they might lead
And found myself lost
And though I saw
I saw not
pursuing wants
ignorant of every blessed, divine,
provision of needs
Followed sight
Ransomed at high cost
Though eyes closed
Saw much
Choosing unseen
As seen…
 consciously decided
And plaintive seen
as obscene
in seeing the conquering imminent
by outright mendacity
of what has become divided
In between
And dreams
And schemes
And themes
Taken up
And caught in the middle
Grounded and flighty
Meek and mighty
Feather in a cap leapt from a precipice
With no wings to flap
Rush of heir
Slipping past
Rude awakening
Prior to impact
Is this the place
Where the friction of rubber
Leaves the road?
Where greener pastures,
Of all paper chasin’ trails end?




One day a man went to the seashore,
waded in…
a ruler and a notepad in hand
took a measure from his knees to the sand
noted it on his pad
A week later the man returned
and measured from his waist to the sand
duly noted
on his pad
Another week later the man returned
took a measure from his neck
to the sand
noted on his pad
It was quite some time
before anyone noticed
the man no longer took measures
and was not seen nor heard from again
Washed ashore was found
a ruler
and a soggy note pad
that read:
“final entry: my calculations must have been off
and now i fear
i’ve gotten in…
way over my head”
(searching a standard
he himself only had…
but a Holy Ghost of a chance
of ever measuring up to)


Cannot even the dimmest of flames,

Shine bright in utter darkness?

Of what measure the same individual light,

In a room well lit by many?

Taken away a candle at a time

Over an extended period of time

And not even perceive how the light has dimmed

The adjustment to dark subconscious, autonomous,

in more ways than could ever be seen

sight has become strained

and this causes pain

desensitized by conditioning

no longer able to differentiate

a torrential downpour

from a temporal light sun shower

how brilliant, monochromatic, stark is the contrast?

Everything seems more alive

When the Son shines through

After the terrible reign we had been under unknowingly

And the after effects subside

Fragrant is the free air

Brilliance everywhere

Trust in Yeshua
Sprouts eternal
Spark of  new Life
Seed now husk
Dies to self
New Life…
Bursting forth
From a dark fertile silence!

One Cup

The dust in my house

Is beautiful

For now…

It has to be

The weeds that flower unchecked

Yellow, lavender, white, red…

Where the garden used to be

Are beautiful

For now…

They have to be

Upkeep difficult

Near impossible now

Due to challenges in health

In adversity…

By Divine provision

I find unsought wealth

Approached by envious eyes

“What have I pray tell that you despise?”

Pretention belied…

By a need to have a good look around?

“I’ll clean my house in good time

What business is it of yours

Have you come to help, espy? decry?”

It’s my heart that needs cleansing right now

Your house looks like the cover for better homes and gardens

But you haven’t a clue what I need

Your landscaping…

Straight out of an “Edward Scissor-hands” scene

It may seem difficult to understand

That things are actually

“well in hand”

How it is that one might feel closer to Jesus

At such a time as this

Is beyond me?

Broken, dirty, despaired

You see…

He offered this one cup

Nothing fancy

Quite ordinary it seemed

And while I’ve allowed the outside to become filthy

I strive…

Through it all this side of glory

To keep the inside clean

The Whole World WithIn Your Hand

The right hand used for self gratification

and to push “play” on the pornography loaded by the same hand into a d.v.d. player

The hand used to uplift cold spirits

The clenched fist of violence perpetuated against others

The accursed hand used to tear out pages of scripture,

For the purpose of rolling tobacco and marijuana to smoke

The hand for popping pills

Holding guns and knives with nefarious intent

The left hand knows not what the right hand does

Truly, it would cut itself off at the wrist

If it had any inkling

The right hand is giving beyond measure…

Nothing good!

And you greet us bold-faced lying, contemptuous 
as if unaware…
with uncleansed open extended hand
expecting a “hand”-shake?
Jesus teaches…Love
Thy neighbor
Thy enemy
Love the Lord thy God
with all our heart
our soul
our mind


on the other hand…

We have been empowered

to trample underfoot

shake off into fires

and continue on

with the Kingdom work

immediately at “hand”

matter of factly

without skipping a single beat.

Help Thou Mine Unbelief

I don’t believe

And it hurts to say

That I know you rescue

In every way

With compassion richer

Than words can say

But I stumble here.

You are good Lord

But I never can

Turn out right

And it seems my evil

Comes here to Light

While my boy wrestles

In dreadful fight

So I’m tested here.

And the memories haunt

From a past of pain

And they mock in struggle

Coming back again

And I freeze in fear

Held by doubt’s thick chain

Am I bested here?

Then your words “Fear not”

It’s your will to give

What you use so well

Helping folks to thrive

This strange power of faith

My sick child will live

You have said so here.

Abram Believed

It’s enough to know
You understand
That all matters
Are well within Your Hands
It’s enough to believe
Only You can
Misconceived thoughts, elaborate schemes of man
All still must yield…
To Your Sovereign Plan
It’s enough to know
We are loved
We try, we fail, we seek, we trail
Only You know what imprint remains
On hands that are gloved
Though none can claim
To have seen Your face
In belief we run the race
More than sufficient is Your Grace
In…but no longer of
This place
Isn’t that so much more than…

“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers” God Bless