In Stream of Consciousness

Awoke from a trance

At first attributed it to chance

But as time went on…

The mirrors removed one by one

He stood no longer an embittered loner

But as one AMONG

And this confused him

Puzzlement to no end

He had no answers for this

Only questions

For a new found old Friend

The Me of pretend

The Me I could not see

The Me without “HIM”

Though he searched many faces

Ventured to many seemingly hallowed places

But no one had any of the answers

As the questions intensified

Only conjectures…

Endless poor counsels

Multitudes of well meaners

Ulteriors overriding…

Motives Belied in demeanors

Then there came a voice

And it was gentle

The Loving-kind,

Seemed too kind to be real

But all encompassing and enveloping despite the subtlety

And he told himself he was just hearing things

“only crazy people hear voices”

And some more time passed

The search for answers continued to no avail

He was gifted a bible

His very own bible!

And began to read it

Couldn’t understand very much of it

What with all the “thous and ye’s”

Shalts and shalt nots

He read the book of Job

Why so compelled he would not understand till much, much later

Years in fact!

But in the interim…

He couldn’t understand a word of it

When he was about to put it down for good

“the voice”

The voice said: “read it again”

It didn’t ask

It didn’t suggest

It didn’t say maybe or I think

It was a command

Gentle mind you

But nevertheless a command of authority

So I obeyed again,

And again,

And again,

For lo’ well over a year

Until I was beginning to get sick of the book of Job…

(to be continued…maybe?)


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