Pursuant To…

What affliction has befallen

That conflicts with peace?

Cruel words once spoken can spread like a disease

They are reaching out from the depths of estrangement

The scoffers

The shunners

The ridiculers

The persecutors

The forlorn dissociate from non-critical thinkers

Reproachers without end

So many times I trusted in faith

Taken in again and again

Hoping to reconcile with family member or friend

Found only a desperate deception

“Strange fruit” in trees

Suspended from a rope’s end

To bemoan the loss is but human

To yearn

to hurt

Is like putting out the fire under one’s own feet
and walking on broken glass in an attempt
to grind it back into sand

To refill an hour glass

With a hole on both ends

Pining after what has proven untrustworthy

Time and again

Distracted from Truth

While rubber necking at scenes of horrific crash sites

Though momentary…

Can be devastating to take one’s eyes off of the road

Pillars of salt, mile markers

Tears that wet no cheek

Well up in the eyes of mindstorms

Free-falling through time

I Love You O’Lord

And I give thanks for Loving me

Because of You…

At a loss for words shall I never be

I tell You of my sorrows as if you didn’t know?

How I grieve in silence

While heart filled to bursting with gifts from You!

It makes no sense

You’ve taught me better

Therefore there is no longer ignorance to claim

Take from me this pain

Remove all hindrance

I know that only You can

Jesus help me to be…

A more righteous man


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