Quo Vadis’

nero 2

A warrior trembles on a battlefield

but still steps forward in obedience of orders

meets his foes head-on

Los politicos survey from lofty porticos

send the marching orders in the name of freedom

In the name of hidden agendas

must now kill the same leaders

they once killed to install

collateral damages on both sides

Black gold mixed with life’s blood

continue to flow windfall profits in the billions

for a privileged few

while world hunger affects millions

And a veteran cannot find a job

some will never work again

some never walk again

ten gun honorable salutes

bandaids as a band plays

the blues of subsequent social assistance refutes

A good message always starts strong

raging rivers to tranquil estuaries

harnessed power misspent and depleted

Now… i can’t remember what i had initially intended to write about…

for i have stumbled upon

and have been taken aback


by the sight of an elephant’s graveyard.

(I wrote this a couple of years ago, I had no idea what it was about…the title to me was just a phrase I’d had heard seen and read I had no special meaning to me. Today I watched the movie Quo Vadis only the last quarter, it made me curious to find this poem and look it over once more. I don’t know if there is any relevance to any of these things. I wrote it as it came to me w/o any attempt at feigned understanding. Originally I had looked up the meaning of the phrase Quo Vadis (where are you going?) and this poem was the inspired result.)


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